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Back-up For Your Home

Let your home generate the power you need. Powering your home with Hardware Insight means that you don't have to worry about the ever increasing energy rates anymore.

Back-up For Your Business

Give Your Business The Power To Do More. Hardware Insight will help your business transition into clean, renewable, cost-saving solar energy every step of the way.

Why Hardware Insight?

When you make the decision of choosing Hardware Insight to take care of your complete home energy system, you are instantly choosing over 14 years of experience and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Hardware Insight handles your entire solar process from start to finish… we make solar simple.

Why Get Back-up?

Decrease or eliminate your Electric Bills

There are many benefits to going solar for your home. Going solar can drastically reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill.

Avoid rising Utility costs

Solar can shield you from future energy rate increases by municipalities and give you energy independence from the utility companies.

Help protect the environment

There's a reason we call it "going green". Solar is 100% clean, sustainable, and renewable energy. Make a positive impact on the environment and share it with your neighbors.

Back-up Power Storage​

Renewable energy technology is continually advancing, and solar batteries are revolutionizing the entire solar industry!

Installing a solar battery as part of your home energy system allows you to store the extra energy your solar panels produce to use at night, instead of feeding it back into the electrical grid.

If you have a standard solar panel system, you’ll still lose power during a power outage because of how your panels are connected to the electric grid. However, when you add a battery to your system, your home can run off of the solar energy you have stored in the event that the grid goes down.

Hardware Insight Support Service

Our installation teams, including certified journeymen, electrical trainees, apprentices, and construction crews, consist of solar industry veterans who will proactively integrate all facets of your final design seamlessly and without operational disruptions. Working with Sunworks, you will receive single provider support and coordination.

We have the expertise to ensure that your installation is completed on time and within budget.

How much could you be saving?

Contact Hardware Insight today for a free estimate and learn just how much you can save every month with solar powering your home.

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